Top 3 Tips to Make Better Music Video


With the dropping price of digital video cameras and also the rise of PC video editing application, producing your personal music video is definitely something almost every musician can afford to perform nowadays.

All you want is a DV camera, DV tapes, a spot to shoot at, a computer, editing software program (such as Adobe Premiere), and well, a music group! In the following paragraphs, we will mention 3 essential tips to make a music video.

1. Camera

You’ll certainly be better off purchasing a DV (Digital Video) camera since they are ideal for digital editing, afterward. Decent DV cameras cost anything between $400 and $1400, and the tapes are about $8 a piece. There are preset configurations for the amateur user, and also, it is ideal for even the professionals out there. Ensure that your camera is going to shoot in progressive scan setting. Progressive scan is actually a particular method for showing images, where the lines of every frame are drawn in a series. This will decrease the amount of flickering and also increase the resolution of the video you will be recording. Most cameras include microphones attached with them, but you probably shouldn’t want to use the audio which will be recorded by the on board microphone as it will be fairly low quality.

2. Shooting

It is possible to shoot your music video at any place, and hopefully, you will certainly take advantage of this! When editing the video, you will be telling a story. Therefore, varied spots would be superb. If feasible, storyboard the video out before you start scouting destinations for shooting. It makes things many times easier. Another thing would be to ensure that you have sufficient lighting. Normal indoor illumination is not picked up by the camera the same way your own eye picks it up.

3. Editing

You will need to pull the video clip off of your cam onto your PC. Most DV cameras feature a USB cord which will allow you to do exactly that. You can use the software which comes with your computer to accomplish this, or you can purchase editing software that will do the same task. Most PCs which have  older version of windows installed feature Windows Movie Maker. This is an excellent program for the newbies; it enables you to pull footage off of your digital camera, and then edit that footage. But it does not come with lots of editing features. Therefore, the more advanced editors may want to expend some money and purchase Adobe Premiere, which is an extremely flexible video editing application with a really steep learning curve.

Now that you’ve your edited video footage, you’ll wish to output it onto disc or tape. The simplest thing to do this would be to burn it to DVD. When you have your music video on DVD, the options are endless!



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