Navad Sport TV Show Interview and News


Adel Ferdosipour one of television personalities, pro football reporter and one of different Sport Host ,  He’s very popular with his Sport TV Show called Navad  has been on air for 15 years one of most popular channel 3 with about ten million viewers .




Navad (90 Minutes )  platform is talking about New sport events of past week and bring some guest to TV show like football expert and referee to review matches and analyze it . Adel Ferdosipour has Engineer’s degree and speaks English fluent , He’s listen to English reporter and reads all news about football everyday , that’s make him different sport reporter and host how opened a new windows to football players and fans.

In all these years, his popularity never fall down and he passed all the crises with success but still there’s a lot of people how believe his TV show quality is not like couple years ago. But his fans and likes on social media show something different that jealous people how doesn’t like him and doesn’t want he host 90 TV show. a lot of coach or experts in soccer said he’s still one the best and popular host and He looks different to football.

We asked him why you don’t have any social media activity like have Facebook fan page or Instagram account? I have enough headache with my TV show and I don’t like to involve with more trouble cause of posting something online or publishing photo or talking about someone , He said .

Most of his colleague and young  reporters try to follow him and his style now days but we believe his always one step ahead of everybody else , with you best Adel and keep going like as always !


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