10 Daily Habits to Be Happy Every Day of Your Life


They say change is the only constant thing in this world, very true. The world has seen tremendous changes and will still continue to change. However, there are some aspects of life which will remain the same such as: Key habits of being successful or happy. In both cases your attitude determines the altitude you are going to hit.

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Don’t expect to be happy or drift to the top, you have to have that personal discipline, focused action and lots of boosts each day. If you have this mindset, you could not be more accurate.

Do not cling to the old habits that hold you back. It’s time to shake them off and start building on simple daily habits that guarantee happiness and success. Here are ten simple habits you can incorporate in your daily life routine that will make you truly happy and more productive.

1- Visualize Success
Today’s world is running fast. You will not only be needed to plan ahead but also add the ingredient of successful mindset to all you do. Visualizing your own success will help you remain focused and motivated no matter what happens. Think what it would feel to achieve your goals, dreams and this will help you develop a positive attitude. This is the ultimate way to keep your dreams going. To add on that, plan short and long term actionable goals. Doing so will save you a lot of frustration.

2- Trust Your Abilities
Like everybody else, you have your strengths, weaknesses and different creativity levels. To be happy, you will have to understand your weak points and strongly believe in areas where you excel. Understanding both sides of yourself will help you seek timely help or guidance and do likewise when you’re needed. Build inner trust and boldness by tackling what needs to be done without holding back. It is through self confidence that you establish a happier and successful life.

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3- Get quality sleep
This phrase is quite a clich√©, but majority of people are not getting enough sleep. The amount of time spent should not be of major concern as the quality. Time required while being asleep varies from one person to another. You don’t need to sleep for rest and relaxation only. Adequate will keep day-time sleepiness and moods wings at bay making your day cheerful. For most people, 8 hours of sleep a day suits them better. You can flow with this or find what suits your needs best.

4- Wear Clean and Appropriate Clothes
You should take great care of your general outfits. Whether it is a casual attire like jeans or full office attire like a brown suit as what you wear matters a lot. Your general appearance affects how you feel about yourself, attitude and the way you’ll spend the day. Pun on appropriate clean clothes each day to help you have positive mind-frame which keeps you happy and productive for the rest of the day.

5- Make Time for Loved Ones
Spending time with your loved ones is a part of your life that you will never get back. It can be your parents, spouse, kids or friends. Giving someone your undivided attention facilitate growth of strong bonds and strengthen your characters. When you create time for others, they too will replicate the same. You will feel loved and appreciated, I bet nothing will make you happier than this.

6- Wake Up Early
Happy and successful people are early risers. Train yourself to wake up exactly at same time each day. It will become a routine and you will not struggle anymore. If you want to be on the edge of the world, wake up early, appreciate you are fortunate to be alive and have a mindset you are not going to waste the day. This sort of vibe will keep you motivated, happy and productive throughout the day.

7- Work Harder
Let’s be honest, you cannot be happy if you are languishing in poverty. You will have to go an extra mile each day as persistence and hard-work are the secret ingredients of happy and successful people. Give your best shot each day and being successful in life will be inevitable! Eventually you will enjoy life, nothing is a sweet as fruits of hard labor.

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8- Exercise Regularly
Exercises are not good to the heart or physical fitness only. Regular exercises ensure more oxygen is delivered to the brain which makes you cheerful each day. You actually don’t need to participate in demanding workouts like hitting the gym daily. Participating in simple workouts such as Yoga and Meditation will help keep your brains in a healthy state. Short jogs early in the morning or cross-fits after work also boost your happiness, well-being and success.

9- Show Kindness to Other People
99% of people out there are strangers. However, a large portion of them are good and decent individuals. Show love or you are concerned. A simple Hi! or smile will do no harm. Probably, this is all they need to keep them going. Helping that elderly woman cross a busy road is a simple humane character that will keep you feeling good about yourself. Helping or being in touch doesn’t build connections only, it makes your days brighter.

10- Don’t Fall For The Bait Of Multi-Tasking
Unless you are lucky to be in the category of 2% of people who can multi-task, don’t strain yourself beyond the limits. It’s good to multi-task occasionally when having a situation in hand. However, juggling between tasks limits your brains’ ability to filter irrelevant info. Additionally, it lowers your efficiency and greatly impairs your social life. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish each day and tackle them one by one. Start with the demanding ones or most important and work your way down the list.

My ultimate advice will be, find what works best for you as the list is so long. Staring to make it better each day. Review and get rid of life habits that don’t work well for you. We are a product of what we constantly do, happiness or success is not an act but a habit.


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