Top 10 Foods Before Exercise


Before you hit the gym, it is important to fuel your body by consuming the right types of food. This will help you to engage in more intense and long-lasting workout sessions. Effective pre-workout food varieties should have the following features:

• Increase Energy Production

Energy is the key driving force behind every workout. So, it’s important to consume energy-rich foods. Carbohydrates are the greatest and the best sources of fuel. This is because they are easy to metabolize compared to fats

• Preserve Muscles

The most effective pre-workout foods should have the ability to preserve lean muscle mass. Protein-rich food varieties are important for enhancing the growth of muscles and repairing worn-out tissues. They enhance the release of amino acids, which is one of the main building blocks of the body.

There is a wide variety of foods which you can consume before you start to work out. The top 10 foods that you can consume before exercise include:

1. Whole Grain Bread

Taking just a slice of whole grain bread before you hit the gym can significantly change your whole experience. This is an excellent source of high-quality carbs which help to fuel the body during intense workout sessions. It also contains few calories and you can pair it with any type of food for an instant energy boost. Take a slice of this bread with hard-boiled eggs or hone if you want a protein burst as well.

2. Broccoli and Sweet Potato

This is a fiery combination that you can take before you work out. Sweet potato and broccoli are normally used during circuit training. This combination makes one of the best pre-workout foods for energy production and endurance. If you want to burn more body fat and build more muscles, then you should try this.

3. Oats

Oats are fiber-rich food varieties which help to release quality carbs gradually into the body. Because of their slow-release nature, they help to ensure that you remain consistent and energized all through your gym sessions. Oats allow you to train for longer and much harder. Apart from carbs, the vitamin B content in this cereal grain also helps to convert carbs in other foods into energy.
Note: if you want to use oats as a pre-workout food, then you should use Irish oats because they are the best varieties. They are easy to process and contain a lower glycemic load.

4. Grapes

They contain carbohydrates which provide a quick source of energy. Grapes are healthy fruits which rich in antioxidants. They help to fuel the body by providing almost instant energy. additionally, they also help to strengthen the bones.

5. Avocadoes

These are incredibly nutritious fruits which have high amounts of potassium content than bananas. They make one of the best pre-workout snacks that’s to the high level of healthy fats. Avocadoes allow you to hit the gym even harder and longer. These versatile fruits can be incorporated into any type of diet for improved workout performance. If you want to experience the long-lasting effects of these fruits, you can pair it with lemon juice.

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6. Strawberry Smoothie

A strawberry smoothie is one of the carb-rich foods which you can use to fuel your fitness routine. If you are about to hit the gym, you can drink this energy booster for a more intense session. The carbs in the smoothie usually break down very quickly to release more energy. Additionally, this smoothie also consists of potassium which helps to delay muscle fatigue during workouts. This is a powerful pre-work food that will keep you going by preventing your muscles from cramping.

7. Cottage Cheese

This is a pre-workout food that’s rich in protein. Cottage cheese is great for the development of lean muscles. One cup of cottage cheese contains around 25g of protein i.e. casein and whey protein. Whey protein has a high level of amino acids which is important for increasing muscle strength. Additionally, this protein also helps tone the body by increasing the rate of fat burning. On the other hand, the slow-digesting casein protein prevents the breakdown of muscles and it will feed for an extended period of time.

8. Greek Yogurt

Unlike regular yogurt, Greek Yogurt contains high amounts of protein. It improves your overall nutrition as it contains minerals such as potassium and calcium. Its high protein content and fewer carbs create a great combo. It fuels the body during while you exercise and prevent the breakdown of muscles. For an instant energy boost, you can add honey or fruit to your Greek Yogurt.

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9. Bananas

Bananas are fruits which have high starch and sugar content. Taking these carb-rich fruits before you working will lead to better workout results. They enhance the natural levels of energy in the body by increasing fuel production. They help you to stay physically active for much longer. The sugar in bananas normally breakdown to form glycogen which maturely boosts energy levels and fuels the muscles.
Additionally, these fruits also have high potassium content. This mineral is vital for supporting and maintaining nerve function. If you want to enhance the positive effects of this healthy pre-workout fruit you can pair it with peanut butter.

10. Legumes

They include food varieties such as lentils and beans. Nutrient-dense legumes contain high amounts of protein which is vital for muscle development and repair. Beans and lentils contain complex carbs which are good sources of energy. They make the best pre-workout drinks as they slowly release quality energy in the body. This makes them very ideal for intense and longer workouts.

Final Thoughts

Working out is very important, especially if you want to tone your body and attain your wellness goals. However, doing this activity is not possible if your body is not fueled. Generally, the body needs carbs as well as protein and healthy fats for development. However, working out is a demanding physical activity that requires you to feed on the right type of foods. The above-mentioned food products will not only improve your workout experience but they will also improve your overall health since they are very healthy.


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