5 Differences Between Generation X and Millennial Generation


In today’s world, there is a huge misinterpretation on lot of things, one such thing, would be communication. Particularly communication between youngsters and elders has always been in limbo. We as human, has always have this difference in opinion and differentiate a set of people into groups depending on their age and other factor.


They are commonly classified as Traditionalist, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y or
Millennials and so on. In this article lets see some of the major differences and different in opinions among Generation X people and Millennials in today’s scenario.

Gen X Vs Millennials

Have you heard of a strict and hardworking, bossy boss at your workplace? Well of course everyone knows and would have had a boss like that character. Well, you got it. That’s one typical character of being a Gen X person. Gen X are born between the years of 1965 to 1980. They are set to have a lot of quality in characters which we will be viewing separately. On the other hand, Millennials or Gen Y are born between the years of 1981-1994. Let’s discus the five differences between these two people.

1. Traditional Values

Generation X: People follow unique tradition values and keep up their values up to their mark. They are people who does anything to keep their
values with themselves. They strongly want to have work life balance, with self-reliance and global literacy. Gen X people are fun in socializing, but not as much as Gen Y are.


Millennials: On the other hand, as much as they obey the orders from their superiors, Gen Y are outspoken, target achievers, and they will have
extreme fun when it comes to socializing. They have high morals and tolerance when dealing with people in business level and of course they are the members of global community.

2. How they are brought-up – Culture

Generation X: People are brought up with a mentality of seeing their parent (baby boomers or traditionalist), working hard and want to that to
keep-up. They are Perceptionist, and they are often brought-up with the culture of lay offs at work, and how strict you must be in a workforce environment.


Millennials: Moving to the other side of the page, Gen Ys are Casualists. This is in general. They are brought-up by seeing their parents protecting them for food and shelter and made them keep busy as kids.

3. Changing Jobs

Generation X: In a recent survey conducted by “Survey Monkey”, it has been proven that 90% of the Gen X people are not comfortable in changing
jobs frequently or at least one in five years. If you see a person raising up to the top level in a company, probably he or she would be a Gen X staying with the company for more than 20 or 30 years. People in this category doesn’t like changing jobs.


Generation Y or Millennials: You come to this category. Man! You would be amazed. People feel more comfortable on going out of the box thinking to develop any skills and knowledge whenever and wherever they want around the globe. They are ready to change their job to gain more skills on being over-thinkers or over-achievers.

4. Quality of Life

Generation X: As mentioned earlier, people in this category are brought-up by seeing their parents and other adults working too hard to earn the respect and the quality of life they want. So, following the foot-steps like the Lion King, Gen X are hard workers to keep up their quality of life utmost satisfaction to them and to their family.


Generation Y: On the other side, being hard workers too, people are not too much cared on quality of life. Development and skills are the major
things they want to follow.

5. Work Ethics

Generation X: They keep having a balance between their work and life. People who fall under this category are people who don’t want to work for
longer hours, yet they respect and want to value their work. They want things to be structured and directional and more self-reliant and skeptical on their work ethics. They like working in more functional and balanced work environment.


Generation Y: People are flexible. 90% of the time you can count on Gen Y people on being flexible and adaptable to the environment. They want people to value for the work they are doing more they themselves. They like job sharing and social involvement after work too. People like being around in a more positive, collaborative and achievement-oriented environment.


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