Top 10 First Date Tips Every Man Should Know


The dating game now needs every guy to be on their toes at almost all times.
The ways are always changing because of the societal differences and norms in our communication.

If you are a man in this age and day, the duty to know how to relate to the opposite sex falls on you. Delightfully, we now live in an era of information age, there is a chance for you to be able to learn new things for you to step up your game.
Why are these tips important?
Dating tips do not only make you understand about women alone it allows you to be able to know yourself too.
People would respond to you depending on how you yourself feel yourself and how you could carry yourself. Putting your personality aside, you have a first date that is great would begin when you are able to cultivate yourself first and also foremost.
These tips aren’t just pickup lines or tactics or you becoming your best self.
Having this in mind, let’s see the ten tips you must have to be able to survive your first date.

• Do some workout
Seriously yes do some workouts. If you can remember during PE class back then when we were kids, we had to do some workouts in order for our mind and body.

It can be stressful when you going on your first date, do a little workout to burn off some steams and anxiety. Some of the workouts you can indulge in are HIT exercises, and minimal weight training.
If you jog for few miles would help to get the blood pumping and that’s great for mindset and also endurance. You would get rid of the stress and be prepared for the date by you sweating it out.

• Modify your wardrobe
Make sure what you are wearing tells a lot about you.
Try and get some stylish, nice clothes that would fit the shape of your body well. The outfit you should pick should be appropriate and don’t do the mistaken of overdressing or under dressing.

• Be Hygienic
Hygiene is one of the basic when you going on your first date. You need to be presentable and smelling great.
Ladies get tuned with their senses, have a hot shower, a fresh shave with a very great cologne these are good if you want to leave a first impression that is amazing.
Make sure that your teeth are brushed very well for a few times. Make sure you brush the tongue too in order to get rid of the breath odor and bad bacteria.

• Your Thoughts should be cleared
when dealing with the opposite sex life can be a mental game. When you have believed in yourself you would definitely be on top of your game and this would begin when you have the control to your thoughts-especially your negative thoughts which seems to press you down. Get down and find a quiet place to sit and do some focusing on your breathing. This would assist you to clear your thoughts and also stress for you to be yourself when you go on date.

• Look for some date ideas
You should know where you want to go and what you would be doing in advance before going on a date.
It’s easier for you to relax when you know more about the date. Try and look for some date ideas that are great and you can be able to carry out well.

• Be comfortable when conversing
Awkward silence when you go on date for the first time isn’t okay.
Its very easy for you to mumble, to speak quietly when you don’t feel confident about yourself.
Try and practice by speaking to yourself in front of the mirror and make use of some diction.

• Lets your hands be on yourself
You might be thinking when you keep touching her on your first date would tell her how much you are into her. Wrong this is not the impression you want her to have on your first date that you are too touchy. Let your to be limited when you are on your first date and it should be natural, warm and friendly.

• Handling your liquor
You getting yourself drunk when you are on the first date would allow you to look like a fool and it’s a total red flag. She might think that’s how you get drunk every night. Have some good food, change your alcoholic drinks with water or better still get a beer that has low ABV.

• Be a gentleman
Ladies of today don’t need to be over-pampered but it doesn’t mean your manners should be slack. Like you allowing the door to slam in her face, glued to your phone throughout the entire time, talking down on the waiters all behaviors any lady would find okay.

• Don’t come with your resume
When you are arrogant then your insecurities are showing. You might have the urge to tell her about your elite background in order to impress her. You talking about your possessions on your every conservation makes her look you as stupid.


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